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At the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting

Cure Alliance Debuts to the Neuroscience Community Every year, Cure Alliance co-founder Hakon Heimer goes to the Society for Neuroscience’s annual meeting in his capacity as editor of the online Schizophrenia Research Forum. SfN is the organization linking neuroscientists from all over the world—at the annual meeting, you can mingle with over 30,000 other people, most of them brain researchers. For the past couple of years, our other founder Robin Cunningham has joined him for an exhilarating and exhausting few days. This year, Cure Alliance had an added presence—we joined 711 other exhibitors at the meeting, to introduce our organization to brain researchers and learn from them. We joined Autism Speaks as the only mental illness organization there (there were also 3 Alzheimer’s groups). In the small section reserved for nonprofit organizations, we collected signatures for our petition for more mental illness research funding, and talked with researchers and others about how […]

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30,000 Brain Scientists!

By Robin Cunningham On Thursday, October 11, Hakon Heimer and I flew from Providence, RI and Pennington, NJ, respectively, to New Orleans for the annual conference of the Society for Neuroscience (Neuroscience 2012). Hakon attends each year in his capacity as editor of Schizophrenia Research Forum, to gather the latest news on brain research, but for me it was an eye-opening, first-time experience.  A huge conference The annual Neuroscience conference is the biggest deal in the brain world.  More than 30,000 researchers and sundry others involved in neuroscience come from all over.  There are only a few convention centers in the U.S. that are big enough to handle such numbers.  The one time that I walked from one end of the convention center to the other it seemed to me a long trip indeed! Even with that many in attendance there were precious few standing around in the lobbies killing […]

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