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More Research? … Why?

Cure Alliance for Mental Illness is a new organization, still looking for supporters, collaborators, and friends. Recently we had a dialogue with prominent Hollywood mental illness advocate Joe Pantoliano (founder of No Kidding? Me Too!) about our call for more research. He said: “I would rather see new money go to treatment for the suffering. Research has already proven that mental ‘dis-ease’ is 50% genetic, the rest being the result of our environment. What I want to see happen is this. Our brain must have the same insurance coverage as our other vital organs. We are not alone. Mental unrest is here to stay. What is available right now is recovery, peace of mind, coping skills.” This is an understandable response—right now, people with mental illness do not have access to the full range of support and treatment to aid in their recovery. We agree that more money must go […]

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