Let’s build a movement for a cure

Cure Alliance for Mental Illness creates new strategies to advocate for more research on mental illness. You can become part of our grassroots community pushing for increased research and promoting new attitudes toward mental illnesses and the people affected by them.


Have you signed our petition? Add your voice to the chorus asking for more research on mental illnesses! The US government is the largest funder of biomedical research in the world – but not enough of that funding is going to find better treatments for mental illnesses. Our representatives in Washington need to know that we want them to place a higher priority on curing mental illnesses, which affect so many people. Sign our petition!

Please join us as we call on the President and Congress of the United States to ensure that mental illnesses get the research attention they deserve. With adequate resources, scientists will be able to find better treatments and maybe even cures for mental illness.



Mystery Letters

“What are those mysterious letters?” Our “Cure” car magnets are a way to show your support for those living with mental illness, and your support for the search for cures. A Cure BP magnet makes several simple but powerful statements at once:

The driver of that car knows someone with bipolar disorder
Bipolar disorder is a real health disorder
There is hope for better treatments
Bipolar disorder deserves as much research attention as cancer or AIDS

If you would like us to offer magnets with other mental illnesses, please contact us. We also offer these as removable stickers!


Cure Alliance for Mental Illness is building a presence in communities as well as online. We are collecting signatures for our petition and talking to people about the importance of increasing research into finding the causes and improving the treatments for mental illnesses.

You can help! If you would like to collect signatures for our petition at an event like a walk, rally, farmer’s market, etc., please contact us and we’ll send you the necessary materials.

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