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Nationwide in 50 Days!

50-50-50 Map

Over the summer, Cure Alliance for Mental Illness challenged our social network to help us put one of our oval car magnets—Cure BP, Cure SZ, Cure DEP, or Cure OCD—in each of the United States. We called it 50-50-50: 50 magnets, 50 states, in 50 days. 

We asked people to send us a photo of their car with a Cure magnet on it, and we’ve been posting those to our Facebook page. With some help publicizing the campaign from our friends at PeaceLove Studios—an expressive arts organization—we succeeded! Cure Alliance even managed to send magnets to Hawaii and Alaska, with bonus magnets in Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C.!

Cure Alliance’s oval car magnets are designed to pique curiosity—”what are those mysterious letters?” To those unfamiliar with bipolar disorder, a Cure BP magnet makes several simple but powerful statements at once:

  • Bipolar disorder is a real medical disorder
  • There is hope for better treatments
  • Bipolar disorder is as deserving of research attention as cancer or AIDS
  • The driver of that car knows someone with bipolar disorder

OCD magnet on Alaska car

Cure Alliance has now placed at least one magnet in every state in the US, and we’d like to get even more out there, riding around on cars and carrying our message. They can be purchased at our online store, where you can also purchase removable non-magnetic decals with the same designs. These can be put just about anywhere—computers, filing cabinets, lockers, doors—and removed without leaving a trace!

Cure Alliance is a brand new organization, seeking increased research on mental illnesses. Our goal is better treatments and ultimately cures. We are starting with social media awareness and advocacy campaigning, so we depend on our social network to spread the word. With a small (but growing) network, we reached people in every state fairly quickly—imagine what we can do as our network expands! Please share our message with everyone you know who might be interested. Send them a link to this website, like us on Facebook, buy a magnet or decal!

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