How You Can Help

Spread Awareness

Cure magnets

Our “Cure” car magnets are a way to show your support for those living with mental illness, and your support for the search for cures. A Cure BP magnet makes several simple but powerful statements at once:

The driver of that car knows someone with bipolar disorder
Bipolar disorder is a real health disorder
There is hope for better treatments
Bipolar disorder deserves as much research attention as cancer or AIDS

Buy them in our store. If you would like us to offer magnets with other mental illnesses, please contact us. We also offer these as removable stickers!

Start a Campus Chapter

Student outreach on mental illness


Are you a student?
Help promote awareness of mental illnesses and of research to find cures on your campus;
gain leadership experience; help make a difference!

Read more about our campus chapters here.


Write Your Representatives in Congress

We need to let our representatives know that mental illness research is underfunded, and that we want more research to find causes and better treatments for mental illnesses. Contacting your representative and senators is a great way to let them know that their constituents care about curing mental illnesses!

Find our sample letters here. 

Sign Our Petition

Signing Cure Alliance Petition


We call on the President and Congress of the United States to ensure that mental illnesses get the research attention they deserve. With adequate resources, scientists will be able to find better treatments and maybe even cures for mental illness.

Sign this petition to add your voice!


Tell the world why you support research for a cure. Use the custom tweet widget to spread the message.