Why use the word “cure”?

Like the word “recovery,” “cure” might mean different things to different people. For our thoughts on that word, and to share your own, see our Cure page.

Does Cure Alliance conduct research, or provide funding directly to researchers?

No, Cure Alliance is not a research organization, and does not donate funds directly to researchers. The US government is the largest funder of biomedical research in the world and we believe that the most effective way to find better treatments for mental illnesses is for the US government to prioritize this task through increased government funding and perhaps better public-private partnerships.

Isn’t there plenty of mental illness research already?

No. See our Educate page.

Do you support drug therapies or psychosocial therapies for mental illness?

We support whatever works. For some people and some disorders, drugs may work best, whereas for others, psychosocial therapies may work best—for most, a combination is probably the best currently available. In any case, the current therapies, whether drugs or non-drug therapies, are clearly failing too many people. Ultimately we may discover new treatments that are not pharmacological, and ideally do not carry the unpleasant and dangerous side effects of many medications. More research can help us find better treatments, perhaps even cures.