Can We Cure Mental Illness?

How should we best treat mental illness in the present and future? The wisest answer is probably, Whatever works best! Individual treatment strategies are increasingly used in disorders such as cancer. As we learn more about mental illnesses, we should get better at creating specific strategies to address every person’s individual needs.

Cure Alliance embraces the word “cure” as a simple but powerful message that claims parity for mental illnesses with other health disorders. For many people living with mental illness today, the best treatments currently available—whether medications or other kinds of treatment—do not alleviate suffering. For many, recovery falls woefully short of the full life they would prefer. And we lose far too many people with mental illness to suicide. For them, we believe the word “cure” represents hope for something better than the status quo.


What does “cure” mean to you?

What would a cure mean for you? If you’re living with mental illness, we’d like to hear your thoughts – write it down, take a photo, make a video! Email us at or share your thoughts on Facebook.

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“Hope” and “cure” are synonymous. When you lose hope, you will never be cured, even if a cure is offered to you. — Elaine Alibrandi
By: Elaine Alibrandi
Oil, cold wax, milky quartz on wood panel
8″ x 8″ x 3”