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Cure Alliance on Campus: Temple University

Students from Temple University have  created a new campus chapter of Cure Alliance for Mental Illness. Cure Alliance campus groups unite students across disciplines to promote public understanding of mental illness and research. They support our mission by educating their peers about the science of mental illness, reaching out to the community through local schools and community groups, and advocating with their elected representatives for more funding for mental illness research. This is the second campus chapter of Cure Alliance; you can read about our inaugural chapter at George Mason University here. The new group, called Cure Mental Illness–Temple, will be led by co-founders Evan Calvo and Shanna Cooper. Evan is a junior Psychology major and Biology minor and wishes to eventually pursue graduate education in Psychology. Shanna is a fifth-year doctoral candidate in Temple’s Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience programs. Her research interests include the relations between cognition and emotion in […]

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